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Files To Phones 2.1

Transfer any type of file from your Windows computer to any Bluetooth device
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File to Phones can let you transfer any type of file from your Windows computer to any other device that supports a Bluetooth connection. Thus, it helps you avoid the use of a data cable. Likewise, the program supports various kinds of Bluetooth adapters. Unluckily, the tool´s interface is definitely not very attractive. Moreover, compared with other similar products, this one is also more difficult to use, as it does not even support drag-and-drop operations.

The program can automatically detect Bluetooth devices in range, of which it provides such information as device name, class and address as well as manufacturer and the time it took to detect. Moreover, it is possible to provide Bluetooth authentication. Once you create a list of files to transfer, you can select up to seven devices you want to send them to. Fortunately, transferences are done simultaneously, which saves a lot of time. Besides file sharing, the tool also supports sending electronic business cards directly to smartphones.

All in all, File to Phones does exactly what its developer claims. For me, it is just a small program without any great pretensions. Unfortunately, it only supports Bluetooth connections, which means that, if your PC does not have a built-in adapter, you will need to use a dongle. Its interface is available only in English and Russian. The product is free for non-commercial use. However, it shows some ads and makes you wait for a while every time you start it, which you can avoid by registering it.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports multiple types of devices
  • Can share data with multiple devices simultaneously
  • Can send electronic business cards directly to smartphones


  • Supports Bluetooth connections only
  • Unattractive interface
  • Drag-and-drop not supported
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